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Registration is required to submit your resume, submit a job listing and to search our resumes. Once you have registered, you will have access to submit your resume or post a job listing. Registration is a one time process. To return, login at My FJN® using your registered email and password. Long sessions may time out requesting you to login again.

Please read our privacy policy/disclaimer and review our fees before you proceed.

We offer a variety of listing options: open, blind, Corporate and custom. There are fees to post jobs and search resumes. Payment is by credit card (MC, Visa, or American Express). Additional information about our bulk submit and FTP service is available under Jobs. There are no fees to submit your resume. Contact us with any questions.

My FJN® is your administration section where you will access your account information and Financial Job Net® features after you have registered. To login, enter your email and password you gave for your registration information. Request your password using the link on the login screen.

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     Select 'candidate' to submit your resume to our resume database for confidential executive searches and to use our 'one click submit resume' feature to submit your resume to job listings. Top positions are not always posted. Recruiters use our Financial Job Net® database looking for candidates with specific qualifications. To be considered for these positions, you need to have your resume on file by using our online form. You can elect to hide/make private your resume and it only be accessible by our Financial Job Net® staff for confidential searches. Applying to a job with the email contact posted as jobs@fjn.com can only be done with your FJN resume.

Submitting your resume to our database does not necessarily indicate that you are actively seeking a new position. (There is a 'start date' field for your convenience to note your immediate interest.) But, having your resume on file in the Financial Job Net® provides you with the opportunity to be informed of a position you may be qualified for that may not be posted. You are under no obligation to accept or discuss an offer you are not interested in. The required fields on the form will not compromise your identity. The online HELP file, located on the resume submit forms, will provide you with information about each section and indicate which fields are accessed by recruiters to search for candidates. These fields must be completed to ensure your resume will be indexed properly. Do not cut & paste your complete resume into one text box. It will void your file. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. No fee to submit your resume.


Select 'client' to post job opportunities with your company. There are fees to post jobs.